About Us

About Trust

Jai Hind Housing Society established in 1951, felt the need to set up an educational institute in the precincts to cater to the needs of their children as the existing schools were at a distance of 2 to 3 kms across the river. In June 1966, the first step taken on the road towards academic progress. Today Jai Hind Educational Trust has mushroomed into a wide network comprising of four kindergartens, two primary schools, two high-schools, two junior colleges and one senior college.

This is the realization of the vision of our founder Chairman, Adv. Z.B. Patil who passed away on 17th February 2006 at the age of 92 in office. His missionary zeal, commitment, integrity and task oriented efforts form a legacy, which is handed down from generation to generation of students.

About College

Zulal Bhilajirao Patil College formerly known as Jai Hind Arts, Science and Commerce College was established in 1982 and was affiliated to the University of Pune.  Later on it was affiliated to Kavyitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University , Jalgaon. Initially in 1982 the student strength was just 250 and today 2021 the college stands in majestic building providing education to more than four thousand. It is located in the prime location of Deopur suborn  of the Dhule city.  City shares its borders with Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

In this arid land, Zulal Bhilajirao Patil College has created an oasis of quality education with a mission to mobilize student’s strength for a healthy democracy. This is undertaken by inculcating the values of leadership, creativity, aesthetics, citizenship and healthy respect for life and nature. Within a short period the College came to be known for its academic excellence and has established “Jai Hind” as brand name.