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Department Name: History
Year of Establishment (UG ): 1982
Staff Name(Teaching non-Teaching) Designation Qualification Experience(In Years) Specialization Research Area (If Any)
Dr.Amol Prakash Patil (Head of Department)   Assistant Professor M.A., B.Ed, Ph.D 10 Years History History Social Reformers
Mr. Uday Dilip Patil Assistant Professor (Granted C.H.B.) M.A.,SET 03 Years History

The various approaches context will be unravelled though the study of History. To encourage students to pursure carrier in Competitive Examination. History department a patriotism and nationalism among the students. The students will be made aware the historical perspective of the freedom movement and sacrifices behind it through which the spirit of national integrity will be a part of study.

Develop positive attitude and appreciate contribution of freedom fighters towards the independents of India. For making learning of history more relevant, meaningful and interesting. The History department  presents some important vignettes of a complex, highly diverse India that is an witnessing unprecedented changes. The course revolve around social dimensions of charge, political democracy, economic transition from the state to the market, gender relations, India’s economic globalization and changing world view However, it would be helpful if students are aware of the socio political dynamics ar playing contemporary India and keep themselves abreast with current affairs and debates in the country to fully appreciate the various dimensions and comours if the subject matter in the course.

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B.A-     Courses Offered

FYBA – HIS- History of India

SYBA – 1)History of the Marathas

2) History of United States of America

3) History of Ancient India

4) Research Methodology in History

TYBA –  1) History of Modern Europe

2) History of India

3)  History of India

4) An Introduction to Museums in India

5) Making of Contemporary India

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