Departments Information

Department Name:   Electronics    
Year of Establishment: 1985
Faculty Profile: The department has five well qualified and experienced faculty members. Three faculty members are Ph.D. holders while one is M. Phil.  One of the faculties is Principal, one Professor, two Associate Professors and one Assistant Professor.

Staff Name (Teaching non-Teaching) Designation Qualification Experience (In Years) Research Area (If Any)
Teaching Faculty
Dr. P. H. Pawar Principal M.Sc. Ph.D. 34 Thin Film
Mr. A. N. Kharwandikar Head, Associate Professor M.Sc., M.M.S., M.Phil 34 Thin Film
Dr. P.R.Chaudhari Professor M.Sc.  Ph.D. 38 Microwave Electronics
Dr. Vidya D.Ahire Associate Professor M.Sc.  Ph.D. 31 Microwave Electronics
Mr. R.B.Lahire Assistant Professor M.Sc. 29
Non Teaching Faculty
Mr. P. P. Sudke Lab. Assistant
Mr. A. A. Bagul Lab. Attendant
Mr. D. N. Borse Lab. Attendant

Programmes/ Courses offered

Name of Programmes / Courses offered

Intake capacity


2 Divisions

Certificate course in Electronics – Electronic Equipment Maintenance


Student Profile: Most of the students belong to semi-urban, socio-economically middle-class background. The students actively participate in sports, N.S.S., N.C.C., Debating and Elocution competitions. The students actively participate in the department activities like – Circuit and Poster Exhibition, workshops etc.

Students Achievement


Name of the Student

University Rank

April 2018

Chaudhari Rajahri

2nd Rank

April 2018

Chaudhari Jaishri

3rd Rank

April 2017

Girase Dipali Premsing

3rd Rank

April 2016

Chaudhari Hitakshee Dinesh

1st Rank

April 2016

Jain Vinita Sunil

2nd Rank

April 2014

Navate Sneha Dinesh

3rd Rank

April 2013

Marathe Dipshree Madhukar

1st Rank

Contribution of the faculty in changing the courses or programmes: The changes in the syllabus are made as per the rules of the university. The faculty members are consistently being members of Board of Studies (Electronics) at KBC North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.  Prof. P. R. Chaudhari is presently working as member of BOS. The faculty has immensely contributed in the preparation of the syllabus.

Learning resources of the department : The central library has more than 1300 reference books of Electronics and two journals. Six computers with internet connectivity, one laser printer, one all in one printer, Scanner, OHP, Document Viewer, CDs are available in the laboratory. The laboratory is well equipped with major and minor equipments for research.

Modern teaching methods practiced and use of ICT in teaching – learning: The faculty makes use of OHP, CD’s, Training Boards, Manuals in day to day teaching.

Participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling of students : The faculty counsels the students for personal as well as study related problems. One faculty member being coordinator of training and placement cell, students are encouraged and guided for career advancement. Students have been placed through campus interviews.

Participation / contribution of teachers in research and college activities: Principal Dr. P. H. Pawar and Prof.  Dr. P. R. Chaudhari has been recognized as research guides. Two students awarded M. Phil and three students awarded Ph. D. under the guidance of Principal Dr. P. H. Pawar. One student awarded M. Phil and two students awarded Ph. D. under the guidance of Prof. Dr. P. R. Chaudhari.

The faculty of the department actively participates as coordinator of Student Council, Science Association, Training and Placement Cell, Research committee, Ladies Hostel etc.

Publication/ Presentation of Research Papers: Faculty members published about 70 research papers in Peer Reviewed Journals and about 25 papers presented in National and International Conferences.

Major/Minor Projects completed: Department has completed One Major project funded by SAC ISRO Ahmedabad, and one Minor project funded by UGC.

Name of the Faculty

Funding Agency

Title of the Major/ Minor  Research Project


Grant allocated

Rs. ( In Lakhs )

Prof. Dr. P. R. Chaudhari and Dr. D. V. Ahire

Space              Applications Centre,  ISRO,  Ahmedabad

Dielectric model for Indian soils of  Five Different States

Jan. 2011 to March 2014


Dr. S. J. Shitole


New Delhi

Growth and characterization of tartrate crystals of strontium, zinc, cobalt by gel method

March 2013 to March 2015


Research Equipments: Following equipments are available in the department for Research purpose

  1. Delta High quality Spin Coater
  2. Multi Frequency LCR Meter
  3. Four Probe Setup
  4. Signal Generator 10MHz
  5. Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20MHz
  6. Spectrophotometer, VIS (350nm-1100nm)