Departmental Information

  • Department: Physics    
  • Year of Establishment: 1982
  • Name of Programmes: Sc. (3 Divisions), Ph.D.
Name Qualification Designation Experience Specialization
Dr. M.D. Mahanubhav M.Sc., D.H.E., Ph.D. Head & Associate Professor 33 Years Materials Science
Dr. S.S. Patil M.Sc., D.H.E., Ph.D. Associate Professor 33 Years Materials Science
Mr. H.S. Gavale M.Sc., B.Ed., SET Assistant Professor 2 Years Materials Science

Technical Supporting Staff

Name Designation
Mr. A. L. Deore Lab Assistant
Mr. N. K. Patil Lab Attendant

Technical Supporting Staff

  • Teaching methods adopted to improve student’s learning :
  • Regular and effective classroom teaching including use of ICT
  • Models
  • Demonstration with experiment
  • Project work is assigned to each T.Y.B.Sc. Student
  • Guest lectures of eminent persons in physics
  • Learning resources :
  • Central Library : Books : 2451 ( Titles : 1273)

                                    Journals and periodicals :  6

  • Departmental Library :  330 Books  (Donated : 72)
  • Internet facilities :  For Staff  and  Final year students    
  • Infrastructural facilities :
  • Laboratories – 03
  • Lab with ICT facility
  • LCD projector
  • Computers with internet facilities
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Research Activity :
  • Recognized Research Lab by the North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
  • Area of research :
  • Microwave Electronics
  • Materials Science : Thin and thick films, Gas sensing and Crystal growth


  • Publications by faculty: 78
  • Major Instruments:
  • Microwave bench (X-Band with automated software facilities)
  • Microwave bench (C-Band with automated software facilities)
  • Thin film high vacuum deposition system
  • Gas sensing system
  • Four probe apparatus
  • Two probe apparatus
  • TEP measurement set up
  • M. Counter
  • Muffle furnace
  • Soil and water testing kit
  • Ultrasonic interferometer (Single and multi-frequency)
  • 1 mg precision digital balance


University rank holders:

Sr. No. Name of the student Rank Year
1 Ms. Devyani Rajendra Deore  I Rank Gold Medal (B.Sc. Physics) 2012
2 Ms.Komal Arun Baviskar  II Rank (B.Sc. Physics) 2012
3 Ms.Patil  Jagruti Vishwas  III Rank (B.Sc. Physics) 2015

Ph.D. awardees :

Name of the Guide Name of the  research student Month & Year
Dr. P.H. Pawar Mr. S.S. Patil May 2013
Dr. P.R. Chaudhari Mrs. V.D. Ahire June 2013
Dr. D.V. Ahire Mr. A.A. Patil Nov 2014
Dr. Mrs. S.J. Shitole Mr. S.J. Nandre Sept  2014
Dr. P.H. Pawar Mr. S.M. Patil Oct  2015
Dr. P.G. Kulkarni Mr. P.A. Bhadane Nov 2015
Dr. P.G. Kulkarni Mr. S.M. Sabnis Nov 2015
Dr. P.H. Pawar Mr. G.D. Deshmukh Nov  2018
Dr. D.V. Ahire Ms. Shabana Khatik Jan 2019
Dr. P.R. Chaudhari Ms. N.P. Golhar July 2020

Awards received by faculty

Sr. No. Name of the Awardees Name of the Award Year
1 Dr. D.V. Ahire Best Teacher award (N.M.U. Jalgaon) Aug. 2012
2 Dr. D.V. Ahire Best Paper Presentation award- Third Prize (International Conference) Feb. 2013
3 Dr. S.S. Patil Best Paper Presentation award- Third Prize (National Conference) Oct. 2012

Major / Minor projects :

Sr. No. Name of the Investigator Funding Agency Title of the Research Project Dura-tion Total Grant Received   Rs.(In Lakhs)
1   Dr. D.V. Ahire       and Dr.P.R. Chaudhari Space         Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad (Major) Dielectric model for Indian soils of  Five Different States Jan. 2011 to Mar. 2014 19.00
2 Dr. R.M. Shewale UGC (Minor) A study in Analysis of causes of Learning Difficulties in Physics Topics for Jr College and Undergraduate Students in North Maharashtra Univ.Area Mar. 1998     to Mar. 2000 0.30
3 Dr. M.D. Mahanubhav UGC (Minor) Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Chemical Bath Deposited CuInS2 Films April 2004    to Mar. 2006 0.75
4 Dr. M.D. Mahanubhav UGC (Minor) Studies on gas sensing performance of In2O3 thick films April 2011 to Mar. 2013 1.50