Principal’s Desk

Jai Hind Educational Trust’s Zulal Bhilajirao Patil College is envisaged as a destination for the hardworking, sincere and aspiring students since its inception in 1982. The College has created academic ambience vibrant and enjoyable.

It keeps it’s vision and mission in focus. It instills in students a sense of commitment and devotion to serve humanity. It inculcates values that prepares students for academic excellence through various ways of analytical thinking, work ethics, devotion and dedication.

We nurture qualities like leadership, creativity, aesthetic sense, discipline, compassion, life skills and soft skills.

We always try to groom personality of our students by organizing various co-curricular, extra curricular and sports activities. We wok for their multifaceted growth.

Devoted, dedicated, enthusiastic and highly qualified teachers are keen to facilitate the students to achieve highest standard of performance in each and every educational programme. We also try to create healthy environments for innovation and research. As a result our students top merit lists of University.

We try to maintain high academic standards on the global map of education and research by strengthening each and every aspect of the college. We aspire for a bright future with committed management, dedicated staff and hardworking, sincere students. Our transparent, ethical and conscientious image has won trust of all stakeholders.

It’s my humble request to all stakeholders, teaching, non-teaching staff, students, alumni and each and everyone to join us in our endeavor to nurture democracy, free intellectual inquiry, upliftment of the masses and contribute to create gender sensitivity, scientific, eco-friendly and healthy society.

Thank You!

Dr. Panjabrao Harchand Pawar

M.Sc., Ph.D. Electronics